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Miss you all - and hope your safe and healthy


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Gday Raiders

It goes without saying - im itching to get out for a fish as im sure many of you are too.

Just wanted to say hello and hope everyone is safe and healthy. This is a difficult time for everybody, weather your struggling for work, mentally or simply bored out of your brains. Dont be afraid to reach out to a friend. We all need to stand by each other in true aussie form.

I miss reading the flood of reports and its good to see a lucky few managing to get out. 

Hopefully we will all be back on the water as soon as possible.

Thanks Sam

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Hey Sam, 

These are certainly trying times for all. So thank you for your post and thinking of others. 
I’m very lucky to have access to the water and a few boat ramps in my LGA. 

Although in saying that, I’m keeping my fishing to a minimum as it requires to leave the house for a period of time and I want to remain within the spirit of lockdown. 

Hopefully every now and then I can put up a post for others to read. 

Stay safe and well, 

Cheers scratchie!!! 

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G'day Sam and many thanks for your kind thoughts. Going a bit stir crazy here in the Riverina. Haven't been fishing or travelling for quite some time now, so naturally very keen to get back into it. Just have to be patient, probably be a while longer but every day brings it a bit closer. No cases of Covid here to date, let's hope it stays that way. Been doing a few things on the boat, getting ready for when we get the all clear. Closed season for Murray Cod ( next 3 months) and usually I'd be out getting rid of some Carp. Lot of people much worse off than we are. Keep safe, bn

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