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Swansea Channel FIshing


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G'day guys this is just a small report from a days fishing with my mate. 

We started out the day by picking him up and pumping some nippers.(first time ever pumping nippers and it was successful.) After grabbing the nipper and some soldier crabs we headed to the rock break in the middle of the channel. Got no bites at this spot so moved to the dropover, where the swansea flats meet the lake. this is where my mate got his 20cm snapper on a piece of squid. I also caught a ray which i don't know if counts as a catch. After the long weekend lunatics came we decided to head over Boughton point. Didn't catch anything but some monster took my prawn and had a massive run before snapping my 6 lb braid. 

After this we decided to call it a day and head back home.



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