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Hawkesbury/Coal and Candle Creek


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Gday all, just a quick report for an interesting day I had. After scouting around on google maps I noticed a good looking sand flat at the end of C&C creek so I figured I’d go check it out in the kayak today. Launched around 6:30am at Akuna Bay and arrived at the flats 15 minutes later only to find it devoid of all life besides the odd ray. Decided I’d fish the rather substantial drop off on the edge of the flats with a vibe instead in hopes of a flattie or two. Nothing substantial came about it, just a couple undersized flathead in roughly half an hour. The exciting part of the day happened when the last one that I was reeling up looked like it had an absolutely huge flathead following it, but I quickly realised it was in fact a shark. I have no idea what kind but it was probably around 1.5m long with a grey-ish tint. I’ve always had the thought of shark encounters in the back of my mind while on the kayak but never really expected it to actually happen. Curious to know if any of you guys have had similar experiences, I’m hoping I don’t have too many more 😂

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Hey Riley, thanks for your report - using maps to find fishing territory is certainly the way to go. I’ve had sharks, BIG flathead, Salmon and tailor “chase” a hooked fish on several occasions over the years, up in CC it was almost certainly a Bull shark - certainly not one to tangle with.

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A couple years back I saw a blacktip shark  (not to be confused with blacktip reef shark) at the outlet of coal and candle creek -33.61121569930875, 151.21367583384003.  It popped up in the midst of a school of tailor busting up on the surface.   I was targeting the tailor on a fly rod, so I was close.   The shark came up and did a long, slow pass at the surface, but then disappeared.  The black was very clearly visible on its dorsal fin - from the tip and down the trailing edge.  Apparently blacktip sharks are, like bull sharks, happy to hang out in brackish water (although it is actually pretty salty in that system). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blacktip_shark


I've also seen a right whale pop up at Warratah Bay - close enough to smell its breath (not at all pleasant!). Got a video of that one.






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