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Southern Googong session

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I snuck out for a couple of hours with the yak and hit the London Bridge end of Googong. I suspect this area is less productive for natives than the Northern end but it is a winner in terms of scenery and as usual I had this part of the dam to myself. I started off with a natural coloured SP on my light rod and a TN60 on the heavier one. Over the 1st hour I landed a couple of small redfin hopping the lures back through deeper water (guessing 5-8m). Eventually the vibe got snagged and I managed to get my braid, the kayak and my tackle back in one hell of a tangle. Eventually my patience was rewarded and I got the lure back. To change it up I swapped the SP over to a blade and targeted some spindly standing timber in slightly shallower water. Initially there was no action. I tried slowing things right down but it was still not happening. Went the other way and sped the retrieve right up and what do you know instant yellow. 10 minutes later I landed another slightly smaller model using the same technique. This is the first time I've ever got a yellow burning a blade. Just goes to show it is worthwhile mixing things up if things are slow.


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