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Lockdown Carp and Port Mac


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Long time no fishing due to being a lockdown area and no real water within the 5kms - did venture the 50 metres to my local creek occasionally to drag some carp carp passed the dumped shopping trollies and air con units - 2 or 3 fish a session up to 6kg but mostly around kilo mark. Took a while to work out 4lb line not enough spot them

Bit more serious last week - a week a Port Macquarie - fished the wall Tuesday and Wednesday for poor results - 1 decent bream - most fisho's were struggling  with few bream or luderick coming in

Hit Lake Cathie Wednesday to chase whiting with poppers - 6 fish between 30 and 33 cm - lost a lot more with hooks pulling. Back up Thursday arriving a bit earlier to see tailor breaking up in the lake - scored one at a kilo and a half - fun on 4lb in 1.5 m of water. picked up a 60cm flattie and then a few more whiting before the wind came up

Sorry no pics - past experience has shown it is not a good idea to go wading with phone


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