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George's river again


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Took a fairly new fishing mate out last night for a land based trip on Jews & bull's. Set up rods, whipped up a tarp & paddled the baits out to a drop-off.
Hooked up onto a solid fish within 15 minutes on the beach rod & gave it to my mate, but sadly the fish came off.

new bait, and i got sharked. wrong rod buddy.
happened again 10 minutes later. Changed the bait on the shark rod to an entre whole 30cm Cali but the rod just collected water.

Quite a few bites but as the tide went out the bites slowed. Packed up at 3am after a rather enjoyable trip despite no fish

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3 hours ago, Isaac Ct said:

I do hate it when a nice fish comes off. Sounds like a nice trip though. Kayaking around at night sounds a bit dodgy but you survived. 

Honestly, its really not that bad, Being in a Hobie pa its not much different to a tinny. I've installed led button lights in various spots for extra visibility when traveling and also have the white navigation light as per law. The sketchiest part of night time kayak fishing is the burley bag which I occasionally leave hanging over the side with a few mashed up pilchards.
In last nights trip it was only used to cart out baits on the shark rod and drop them of on a drop off.


2 hours ago, Rebel said:

Great story.

Better luck next time.

Thanks! always look forward to spending quality time out - fish or no fish

1 hour ago, Pickles said:

Always good to get out - hope you didn’t get wet and cold.

got a little bit damp at the end, mostly from reeling in, doing bait checks and also carting baits on the kayak. I've gotten pretty immune to fishing in the rain now, as long as it isn't windy and we have a shelter to sit under which was just a trap & a few ratchet straps its all good. My favourite time to fish is probably during rain as i seem to generally do a little better then on fine day 

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