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Bobbin Head - Coastal Warning Pay off


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Morning session at Bobbin Head this morning. There's a coastal warning so I hope everyone's safe particularly in Tonga.

The tide was unbelievable this morning. Started at 6am and finished at 8.30am. 

It started a bit slow, I was targeting Bream on dough which has worked here in the past. 

Eventually I switched to chicken and I started getting hits left right and centre. Thawing the thigh fillet last night worked well. This was the first time I could see the fish putting the entire piece in its mouth and get hooked - A big event for me. 

Catch - 2 Tarwhine? 20cm each 8 inches, 1 chopper tailor. They had a red hue, originally I thought baby snappers. 20220116_071611.thumb.jpg.448d5ddfcb298512fa5d085f2430d133.jpg

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