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The Errant Disciple, and the Patient Master


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Another weekend session with @DerekD and another tonne of learning.

I met Derek down at Mosman for some fishing and learning today.

We focussed on squid jigs, and working plastics.
I met Derek at about 7 and he began to show me how to work a squid jig and pretty much he was onto one with his 2nd or 3rd cast in. We switched it up and I wanted to use a new flutter jig I had purchased, soon enough I was onto a squid after being shown how to effectively work it by Derek.

We then switched it up to the old faithful grubs and practiced casts in various directions and retrieves (which I think im getting quite good at). Managed a little grinner fish and a number of hits.

we then moved on and worked the area sweeping around the bay, getting hits but no hook ups. On one of the last casts out by Derek we manage to hook up to a nice little Frigate Mackerel.

Really loving the learning and progress on this fishing journey. Still working on that perfect casting but I’m getting there.



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