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Great day on snapper and Jewies in God’s great outdoors.


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3 hours ago, Nutz said:

Wow, Nice haul of snapper there, @Pickles.

A question, if I may, regarding fishing for snapper? What sort of bottom features are you looking for on the sounder? I’ve read the articles on the forum and also looked online, but never had much luck sounding up (or catching) the fish.


There is so much information out there, and much of it is conflicting.



So true @Nuts sometimes they come up early morning onto shallow reef, other times you’ll catch them in the middle of the day. I guess my advice would be, look for a HP system above 1020hp with a low (below 1013hp) on the way. Be on the spot before the sun is up, burley up and either float an in weighted bait down or a 3 way (shogun) swivel and paternoster rig. 
live baits work well also and generally where reef is near sandy bottom. @Scratchieis probably the “go to guy” - he’s a legend on snapper

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3 hours ago, zmk1962 said:

As I said in my text message…That’s a sensational catch mate. You are a true master. We’ll definitely have to organize a PS session in the new rig when it arrives. Tight lines buddy. 
cheers Zoran 

CheersZoran - you’ll have to instruct me on the SP, I have only had success on Kingies and Flatties on plastics - always happy to take my boat, but chantingat the bit to get out on the new toy

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That's an epic day Pickles - always enjoy reading your reports and recently shared them with my dad (retired and fishing )  in the UK who I strongly suspect is living vicariously through Fishraider until his next visit (covid permitting) and we can christen the "new" quintrex fishnipper together  !! thanks for sharing tight lines over the coming months.


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