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Snapper on micro jig​ ! 🤣🤣🤣 ​


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Been a slow fishing week for me. Apart from the tides not being great, the fish kill and a lot of fresh in the system which seems to shut down my local spots, we've been dealing with a sick kid (thankfully not covid) and a really busy week at work.

The trips where I have found fish have been lower in the river, around Hunters Hill. A couple of flathead as usual (Let's just say I prefer a brag mat/board to the Apple measure app, but I forgot it that morning!):



(note the gumboots + softshell waterproof pants - an all weather fisherman am I 😎)

This was after the fish kill, but at the time I hadn't heard about it yet. When I did, I had a couple of sessions down at Meadowbank just to assess the damage. It wasn't hard to find:



There were plenty of mullet around that seemed alive and well, plus the usual ever-present chopper tailor pests. But I racked up two donuts in a row. Could it have been the fish kill? Maybe, but there were plenty of other indicators such as tide and fresh in the system that could also have caused the slow fishing. I'm hoping it was the latter.

Back down the lower parra for a session this morning to try a new spot a mate has been harrassing me to try. Apparently maurading kings turn up every now and again and even though I'm happy luring bream and flathead, I was keen to rebalance the scoreboard with the rats of Sydney after losing a battle with one in 2021. Noticed some nice structure and deep water to cast at. First cast, BIG hit. Subsequent casts, only half my plastic returns. This goes on for most of my session and I'm suspecting tailor at this stage. I get annoyed enough to tie on a micro jig and start working it. Hits straight away, and then I connect to my first ever snapper on a micro jig! 🤣


Put it back in case it wanted a sea change to visit @Scratchie, or @Yowie at either of the ports, when it grows up!

That's it from me, hopefully next report I'll have something more substantial to show for it.



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9 minutes ago, Obsessed Fisherman said:

So its not just me having lots of slow sessions?

Nope, it's not just you, it happens to all of us.  Except some people we struggle to distinguish their slow sessions vs their hot ones...we all know who they are!

I find the lulls seem to last me a week to a fortnight at a time, punctuated by the odd fish which keeps me interested. The most consistent anglers change tact/location according to conditions. I'm fishing quite a lot at the moment but my time constraints mean I mostly have to stay within 15-20 mins of home, limiting my ability to adjust target species and locations. No complaints though, there's sufficient variety in my range to keep it fun.

It's actually a very interesting exercise being forced to fish a limited area for a protracted period of time. I'm constantly learning new things and getting surprised by good fish and new species, in spite of having fished the area for quite some time.

1 hour ago, Isaac Ct said:

That is one small fish on a lure, I caught a couple of small snapper at my local jetty the other day on a Zx40 so they must take anything if they are hungry enough. Nice flatties as well.

Yep they are absolutely crazy, especially with plastics. Like little piranhas. Probably second only to small tailor and leatherjackets as as pests, when fishing SPs at deeper locations. I think they get more discerning once they reach a reasonable size.

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