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Mildly disappointing trip...

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So I went out yesterday morning, as planned, and had an interesting session.

This time I went to Narrandera. Firstly I was really disappointed when I got to the boat ramp. The mud, left from when the river was flooded, was even deeper than the previous day's excursion to Euroley Bridge. This provides real difficulty launching/retrieving the boat as it's really difficult to move your feet in the knee deep mud. Then there's the problem of getting in/out of the car. GGRRR! Anyway, enough whingeing!

The floods have created an absolute wonderland of new snags. I lost so much terminal tackle, and stacks of fish...it was mind blowing. I also had ANOTHER run in with a serious snag that almost brought me unstuck (probably the wrong word). Anyway here's the yarn and some photos to help clarity??

The half hour trip to Narrandera was uneventful apart from the scene of a truck/cars accident the previous day. There was a 50m stretch of road where the truck had hit the guard rail and pretty much demolished it. Mate who I bowl with said the truck ended up on its side??

Back to the fishing report... the first reaction to heading downstream was that the river was dropping nicely from the additional 5m+ levels of a month ago. The little Yamaha 15 started first time and I opened her up to run down to the back of the Gillenbah servo, about a km downstream. Everything is different again. The newer (lower) water levels portrayed unbelievable snapshots of previously unseen snags. Mate, this is Cod Heaven! I managed to sneak in between a few new snags and tied up to a tree which was halfway leaning into the river. Cheese on one hook frankfurter on the other and I relaxed, taking in the above water environment. Nothing happening for about 15 mins and then the bites started. A small Cod <40cm on the cheese. It got me snagged so I let the line go loose and 10 mins later it swam free and joined me in the boat. Mental note to self...that's a new snag. Rebaited and chucked it out into the current, which is obvious, as the river is running nicely. It's always good fishing when there's such conditions because the Cod sit just off the current waiting to ambush whatever comes past...in this case my baits. Suffice to say that each hook up got me snagged and one was a really nice sized fish. I untied the boat and motored to the other side of the snag but still it was firmly entrenched. The line ended up getting caught in the motor as the boat spun round in the current and a good fish was lost. So far the snags were way in front on the board. I moved spots a few times but each provided the same outcome. Unseen snags providing the fish with an overwhelming advantage. I did manage a couple more small Cod to give me hope, but I was way behind on goal difference by the time I headed upstream, past the ramp to a spot which was always good to me in the past. This is where I ran onto an unseen snag and almost got stuck again. Same scenario here with plenty of bites on the edge of the fast flowing current but time after time they hit the snags and I lost the fish. I must have lost about 20 rigs... I'm now expert at tying the knot which Swordfisherman showed me.

4 hours after battling the mud, it was time to do it again. Minor mishap as the winch strap broke just as I got the boat winched to within 4 inches of the top... luckily just close enough to get the chain on...PHEW!  A couple from the rain soaked coast pulled up in their VW campervan to have some lunch while I was getting the boat sorted for the trip home. Bloke asks about the fishing so I gave him all the lowdown on bait, tackle and location. Hope he got a few.

Water temp is dropping quickly now...only 20c today, 21.4 yesterday.

Mamma duck with her ducklings and THAT mud...


Newbie snags (Newell Hwy bridge in the background)...my finger in the foreground...


Muddy ramp with just enough room to launch/retrieve


Signing out, bn

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Hi bN,

Glad you are getting out. That mud looks slick. Do you ever launch and retrieve with a winch or tow rope? I'm hoping to acquire a tinny next year (1st boat). I don't think I'd be confident going anywhere near that ramp with my level of experience. Be keen to hear how others manage such situations.

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6 hours ago, Ganguddy Goodoo said:

Hi bN,

Glad you are getting out. That mud looks slick. Do you ever launch and retrieve with a winch or tow rope? I'm hoping to acquire a tinny next year (1st boat). I don't think I'd be confident going anywhere near that ramp with my level of experience. Be keen to hear how others manage such situations.

It's not TOO daunting a task once you know what can and can't be attempted. I have a 2WD Toyota Camry which pulls my 12ft tinny easily. But because I don't have a 4WD vehicle I have to limit myself to concrete ramps or really good dirt ramps. There are 4 ramps, within about 100 kms of river, which can be used if conditions are perfect. But 1 of these is mostly useless. The problem with all the residual mud being left on the ramps is that the ramp is very narrow (because of the build up of mud on each side of it). This is a problem because it's hard to get out of the car with a wall of mud next to the drivers side door and also very hard to get down the side of the car to launch or retrieve the boat. It means wading through knee deep mud which is very sticky.

You have to retrieve the boat (back onto the trailer) with a winch and strap.

Here is a photo of the boat being launched under normal circumstances. Then imagine the mud being up around the doors on each side of the car... This was my old car (also 2WD).



The tinny launched...



I hope this explains the issues which I have at present. bn

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