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Easter on the South Coast

Ganguddy Goodoo

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Given big Neil and Green Hornet kindly gave me some good advice and ideas for where to have a crack it is probably courteous that I write some sort of trip report. I was mainly fishing out of my yak in which I usually leave my phone safely in a keg ... so no photos ... sorry.

My first session was Friday arvo walking the beaches between Dalmeny and Narooma throwing a 30g metal. The surf was reasonable but not huge but a lot of the water was churned up and I struggled to locate clear gutters from the waters edge. The beaches seemed much steeper than usual, possibly damaged by recent big swells. Fished until dark without so much as a touch.

Saturday lunchtime I hit Wagonga Inlet. Started in Forsters Bay where I tried some natural coloured soft plastics and a blade with no action in the first hour. Trolled a hardbody around briefly but was picking up to much weed for my likely. Eventually a few gulps got chomped. Tried with some tougher SPs but kept getting pants'd. Maybe small tailor. Moved over to the bridge and drifted some nippers on the last of the outgoing tide. A couple of 10cm fatties and a toad fish made it into the net.  Once the tide changed I moved over to Lavender Point and drifted nippers and prawns next to the weedbed next to the channel. Things pick up a bit and I landed about 10 fish over an hour. Mostly flatties around 20cm and bream just under legal. No keepers.

Sunday sunrise I went back to spinning metals off the beaches, this time on a slightly smaller lure. I was getting hit every 2nd cast and landed 7 salmon. Most were around 15cm and very cute. Biggest was around 40cm. Lost my rod holder when I failed to push it in deep enough. Noob mistake. The sea giveth, the sea taketh. Not cool to put more plastic in the ocean.

Sunday arvo I explored Mummaga Lake. The water had a lot more colour ... seemed more like tannin than actually being dirty. I spent a few hours flicking lures around the Northern Bays. Managed several bream again just under legal. These were a vibrant silver which I assume means they had just come in from the ocean. A gold blade seemed to be the most effective lure. I spend another 2 hours drifting bait for flathead with no luck. Tried nippers, prawns and salmon fillet. Judging by the numerous skeletons floating around the ramp there are some decent fish in there. I suspect is one of those places where local knowledge helps.

Overall I enjoyed myself. Definitely worse places to be.

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Not a waste of time GG. You gave it a fair go and (I think) were rewarded with SOME fish. More importantly you got some valuable information if you ever go back to the area. Conditions wouldn't have been ideal, you were in an area that was unfamiliar...I reckon you did well. Thanks for taking the time to post a report.

Cheers, bn

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Any time spent in God’s great outdoors is worth it and the beach is always changing, so always fun. Even catching small fish results in experience as @big Neilsays, so not wasted. (No suck thing as “Luck” - Luck is where opportunity meets perseverance and preparation, so the more experience and preparation you accumulate and the more you add perseverance to the mix, the “luckier” you’ll get)

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Hey @Ganguddy Goodooat least the weather was nice and you got to put a bend or two in the rod.

It was a shame the salmon were small, but that's beach fishing, one day the fish are tiny, the next they can all be 5 pounders. Its just a matter of being there at the right time.

Sounds like a nice, relaxing few days overall. 

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