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  1. Thanks for all your advice, it’s really appreciated
  2. I'm off on a holiday to Rarotonga, the capital of the Cook Islands over Christmas/New Years. Has anyone fished there or have any tips? Cheers Ed
  3. This is great advice, thank you everyone. Thank you @Larkin, @HawkesburyParadise, @Little_Flatty, @Isaac Ct, @Rebel& @Bluebenbomb What a great community we have!
  4. I'm off on a holiday to Rarotonga, the capital of the Cook Islands over Christmas/New Years. Has anyone fished there or have any tips? Cheers Ed
  5. This morning I ventured out early to cast some top water lures under Clifton gardens. After seeing a couple of good boils just out of casting range, I switched to my popper (roosta 135) to try to draw something in. I had one big hit (likely a larger Sambo) but it didn’t take, and that was it. 2 hours later with nothing but a few tiny snapper (second rod with salted pillis on a circle hook) I decided to pack it in and head home. the fact is, lots of good boils but you need a boat to get onto them.
  6. This is the same method I’ve used for years. You miss the odd fish but by having a setup that doesn’t need your 100% focus you can more easily fish multiple rods. A float (depending on the size) can also help in tiring out those bigger fish as they have the buoyancy to fight against however just remember that when matching your drag to your line weight. A float exerting 1kg of force on the line means 1kg less drag.
  7. Bang on Isaac. So important in dangerous water. Also good when it looks safe as one little slip and you could be gone.
  8. On a separate note. I’ve lived near there for a year and not caught anything substantial there, any pointers?
  9. Good on you. this little guy might have been three or four and was standing right on the edge looking at dads lines. Only took him one missed step. interestingly a common misconception is that the lifejacket is just there to help you float or to help incompetent swimmers. The key reason for wearing them is they help you float the right way up. It’s all to easy to slip and bump your head and your out cold. if you’re in a jacket, odds are you’ll wake up floating with your head up and breathing air not water
  10. Went out to make the most of a sunny day, and birchgove point is pretty near by for me. A good amount of baitfish around the point Landed stacks of the usual 15cm-ish snapper and bream Caught 1 bigger snapper, probably 23-27cm on half a frozen pilly There was a family fishing there and one of their young kids fell in! Fortunately people jumped in after him and we got some rope to help them get out. Please, if you’re fishing with young kids, consider getting them life jackets
  11. I swapped the stones for the Yak in the afternoon and caught this whopper, I chose not to enter it in the comp just to avoid overshadowing the other fish. great to hear you and your group had fun! That’s really the only reason I do it.
  12. I had: prawns (kept being nibbled off by fish to small to strike at even with a #10 long shank) small squid which caught the majority of my fish and a block of pillies that caught some drummer and entertained a seal Couldn’t seem to pick up any livies which was frustrating
  13. Thanks Pickles. I’ve never been washed in but I was pretty close to it about 10 years ago (I was just 18). I was hours away from help. Fortunately I knew the spot well and was able to grab on to some rock before I went in. I always wear a lifejacket, (big red one in the photos) best investment I’ve ever made. I’d very much encourage anyone rock fishing, or even just fishing alone to wear one, far to easy to slip on some slimy rock, or down a riverbank, or have some swell rock a pier and bump your head on the way down. im always sceptical of the inflatable ones, personally I just don’t trust they’ll go off when needed. But that’s probably a little crazy of me.
  14. Great report! I love seeing family who fish together. Now just to convince mine to fish with me!
  15. Went fishing at Mermaid's inlet again today. Background on the spot For those who don't know it, Mermaids Inlet is part of the Beecroft Peninsular towards the northern end. It's a large, exposed rock platform that ranges from 1-15m above the water with the incline running parallel to the water. Notorious for decent kings, good pelagics, and all your bread and butter rock species. It's a decent drive in from the Princes Highway (30 min off the main road) and a further 30 min to an hour hike to get there, including some basic rock sections. It's also taken fishermen before so please, do not fish there alone and do not fish there if you don't know rock fishing. It's a big cliff without any good spots to get back onto the land if you go in. As with all rock fishing, remember to face the ocean, and wear good shoes and a lifejacket. Now for the detail of the report. I probably got there a little late today (i wasn't there till 7 and it's really best at dawn) and only managed to hook up on a few undersized Snapper and loads of drummer. Unsurprisingly the guys who got their first with a good pool of yakkas had hooked up on a few Benito before I got there. But after about 8 it was a hard slog. Seals were snatching everyone's bait, flipping floats and bait into the air before they would suck it off the bone. The weather held up and with only a 1.2m swell, a very low tide, and a gentle north-westerly, it was very calm and it wasn't until 12 when the rain finally hit. Special thanks Big thanks to Green Hornet for his advice on this spot. Twice he's told me how to fish it for different times of the year and twice I've come home happy (all be it this time, empty-handed) My Cap Many on here would know there was a big fishing comp on this weekend, great prizes, family fun, cool hat etc. What some may have not known was this is raising money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) and St Vincents. PCFA do great work helping out men who have prostate cancer and helping raise awareness. They are a fantastic organisation with a fantastic purpose.
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