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The wrong kind of chrome, but still a PB!


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So I went out last night for one of my weekly attempted jew sessions, and I say attempted because that’s all they seem to be for me! The elusive silver ghost has evaded my lures for longer than I care to remember or admit haha After landing 3 decent flattys ranging from 45-55cm, I came up tight to something that didn’t feel like a flatty. Considering I was throwing around a 4inch plastic and how far up in the water column it took my lure had me guessing what this thing could be. After it’s failed attempts to take me under the wharf I was fishing from, I managed to get it to the surface of the chocolate stained water, and saw the flash of chrome. Not the flash of chrome I was hoping to see that night when I set out but when I realised the size of it I knew it was a special fish! Going just over 42cm on the lie detector made it my new PB by a bit over 1cm! After a couple of pics she was back on her way to hopefully pass on her genes to the next generation!7A8EE407-478E-45B8-A5D9-1EB1CEE44DB6.thumb.jpeg.42026fcfad53eb8ff1a30081507795a1.jpeg

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24 minutes ago, Green Hornet said:

That's a thumper Ragnar Well done on the PB.

Its funny how many PB's are caught as bycatch when chasing jew.

Maybe I’ll target bream next time and I might snag a jew as bycatch haha

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2 hours ago, big Neil said:

That's an absolute cracker of a Bream Ragnar and a great photo too. One for the album, for sure. bn

Cheers mate, always hard to get a good pic when fishing solo! Haha

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