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Bonito and Tailor to start the day


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Decided to give fishing a go despite wet weather forecasted so started with our wet weather gear on.

Started with a troll around Grotto and Washawayand my mate got a just legal tailor and another whooper.

Then headed across the  harbour in a bit of choppy sea.


Then tried a troll around North Head where I caught a good sized bonito.

Headed out to Dee Why Wide where we got a few couple of pan size snapper, a morwong, and a few flathead.

I even kept a couple of  larger spikeys.

We managed to avoid the rain but out a bit further it was raining.7E234A59-3109-4E69-ACDC-B83DB02CD0A5.thumb.jpeg.05218b7efda2821c8028c06bdd259396.jpeg


The westerly eased about 10am and it was more comfortable fishing but we gave it away.



The bonito, tailor  and movie were all a good size and make the flathead look small but all the marbled were well over legal size and the spikeys do not have a legal size but are mature at  a small size.



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Nice fish mate, well done.

Some nice quality amongst those. Just letting you know, some of those spikies look like Southern Blue spot flatties which have a minimum size limit of 33 cm in NSW. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. 

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After the query about the spikeys I checked the tail fins again and took these photos as a guide.

photo 1 Elongated spike  photo 2 tail fins of the 2 spikeys or long spiked flathead.

Photo 3  tail fins of the 3 common deep sea flathead caught off Sydney

Top is the Spikey, middle the marbled Flathead, and the lower is the Eastern Bluespot.




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