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Hastings bream

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With the finally cleared up I hit the Hastings today for some bream action.

The bite wasn't redhot but managed a few fish with some good quality bream 



Mixture of locations  snag lined edges, rockbar, bridge pylons and oyster racks



Hopefully as the water continues to clear the fishing will improve

Did some filming, enjoy the video



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Well worth the 3 month wait Dave, while the river returned to some sort of normality. I love the clarity of the photos and the video. Excellent fishing trip with some quality river species caught. Your knowledge of the target species habits proves invaluable, irrespective of which coastal system you're fishing. Thanks for sharing it with us. Might have to consider a trip North to catch up with you and Hoods, when the weather warms up.

Looking forward to the Summer when you target MJs, and the video of that happening.

Cheers, bn

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Nice Dave - Thanks for sharing.

Young fulla caught some stonker whiting down here over the weekend. I had my first trip of the year in the river and only managed a Speckled calf found hanging in the tree roots over the river edge which we rescued and did a "tag and release" back into the adjoining paddock. No photos otherwise I could have provided a "report".

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