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Bream have returned to the Parra


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Not having caught a bream in my last few outings I’d begun to think maybe they had become extinct in the Parramatta river.

All those videos online must have predated this extinction.

 Well the day started with a good omen. I bumped into DerekD, yet again imparting his knowledge to another pupil. But then the wind picked up and had me casting  into it so I moved down to Glades bay. 

A few casts in hooked into a nice little flattie. There was a soccer game going on their ball when into the water so out came the trusty net second catch of the day.

 Kept on casting, got a big hit and a big fight that all of a sudden stopped but the fish was still on so I thought, another flattie. Then there was a characteristic flash of silver and the fight resumed.

i can categorically state that bream have returned to the Parramatta river!!
Thanks for reading 




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39 minutes ago, maccapacca said:

Well done on the bream and flathead, how do you find the bay usually? Iv been just around the corner at Banjo Patersons for a few sessions recently and iv caught tons of flathead, but I tried yesterday and it seemed there wasn’t much around.From talking to other fishos in the morning they said they hadn’t found any success lower down the river.


I’ve never found Banjo P to be that great but other fishos like you seem to do well there. I think what Yowie said is 100% true, it should pick up as the weather warms up. 
I find around Rodd pt fishes quite well that’s a little lower down the river, but gotta be careful not to hook a jogger around there.

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3 hours ago, maccapacca said:

Iv also fished rodd point yet it seems awfully windy every time I go, Iv just been running the lure along the bottom at Banjo Patersons and only seem to have caught flathead.But I’m sure iv got bites from bream as I had a few yesterday extremely close to structure, do you just hop it off the bottom and hope you land a bream? or do you intentionally fish certain parts of the water column.

I usually hop off the bottom when chasing bream, same as flathead, but I use a much lighter jighead.  Usually about 1/16 th oz.
Also before I choose a spot I usually check the wind forecast coz using light weights i prefer to fish with wind behind me

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