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The Peak and Maroubra


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Gday Raiders,

A mate who also jet ski fishes had wanted to go for a ride out to the Peak. Weather looked the goods for today, so plans were made to give it a go.

Headed straight out from port hacking at dawn. The ride was nice, no wind and minimal swell.

When we arrived, there were about 8 or so boats already there.
A lot of jigging going on, but didn’t see anyone bringing up anything of note.

I managed a small pinkie going 34cm & after drifting out there for a few hours with no luck, we decided to head in to try the reef off Maroubra.
Coming in, my mate saw some whales and wanted to take photos - I decided to drop down two fresh tailor fillets. Up came a 58cm blue spot, quickly followed by a second at 54cm (caught at 80m depth). Call was then made to head in closer.

I stopped at the reef off Maroubra, while my mate went over to wedding cake. 
I landed a Nannygai, 40cm Morwong, 35cm blue spot, sergeant baker and a few small snapper - kept the nanny and released all the others.

Left and trolled the cliffs back in for no hits.

Land Based Report - Saturday evening.

plan was to get some yellowtails for todays session. Headed down to Gunnamatta wharf with the wife and my youngest for an hour session before dark to catch bait.  Started the burley trail, but no luck with the yellowtails. Although the wife lands a nice 40cm Trev on the bait line (released) followed by a 33cm tailor - which was kept/used for bait today.


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23 hours ago, masterfisho7 said:

Man thats one top report and  top photos 

Thanks masterfisho!

14 hours ago, Yowie said:

A few nice fish, but a long way to haul up the flatties. 😁

I don’t mind reeling them in, if they’re that size!

I don’t know how all those guys jigging in 80m at the Peak do it all day. My back and arms are aching just thinking about it

14 hours ago, Isaac Ct said:

Nice report mate, still a lovely feed.

Well done, the trev's are quite common bycatch when catching Yakkas(as you probably know) but they are great fun.

thanks Isaac, the Trev gave a good run on the bait line. My youngest also hooked up to one but it ran him into the bolts sticking out on the wharf and snapped the line.

14 hours ago, saltrix said:

Nice sized flathead and interesting report.

Thanks saltrix, was happy to get a couple of good sized ones.

10 hours ago, Rebel said:

Super report.

Top photos. Nice flathead.

Well done

thanks Rebel. Was a bit of a journey, but managed a couple of good fish.

9 hours ago, bessell1955 said:

Good looking fish.


Thanks Bessel - was happy with the result.

7 hours ago, jenno64 said:

Very adventurous Larkin, you picked a great day for it! Nice flatchaps too:)

Thanks Rob, weather turned it on - nice ride out and back.

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9 hours ago, Larkin said:


I don’t know how all those guys jigging in 80m at the Peak do it all day. My back and arms are aching just thinking about it

The deepest I have fished was 85metres off S/E Qld a few years ago. Pulled up some trags and small reds, then something like a big cod or groper grabbed one of the hooked fish about halfway up then headed back to the bottom. Just unstoppable, felt like I hooked a submarine. 🤣 Eventually reefed me. Know what it is like.

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