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Barrenjoey Flatties - Sun 28th Aug


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Hey raiders,

Headed out with my boys and MD (@reel'em) on Sunday morning for a bottom bash, hoping for a nice feed. I love fishing the grounds off Barrenjoey but it had been months and months due to weather etc etc.....

Launched around 7am. Lovely quiet winter ramp with pretty good conditions as we headed out wide. There was a slight northerly but it proved perfect for a steady drift without needing too much weight. First stop was around 47m. Picked up a nice 55cm model but then was a little quiet. Moved into deeper water and started picking up some really good fish. The wind totally dropped off at around 11am and conditions were glamour. 

Ended up with a bakers dozen and called it early as we had a couple of good feeds for both families. Bait was primarily flatty rib cages / sergeant baker from previous trips and a variety of plastics. The biggest fish @ 61cm was caught on the tail of the SB.

All fish were bigger than 40cm and mostly between 45-55, 3 fish in the 60s. Threw back a few in the 30-40 cm slot. 

Overall a great morning on the water. Not particularly technical, but good fun with the kids.

Thanks for reading,



MD Lizard.PNG

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2 hours ago, leonardgid said:

those are some solid fish mate !   how do you cook your flathead  is what i would love to know ?

Thanks mate. Two ways. Beer battered and shallow fried OR panko crumbed and shallow fried. Both result in a delicious meal.

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