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First Time Solo Night Fishing


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Good Evening Raiders,

Headed down to lavender bay after dinner tonight, arrived at around 7:40, mixed in bread and cat food for burley, no yakkas. Resorted to using unweighted salted pilchards on two circle hooks. Clumsily I forgot to bring my mono as I took it out last time, met a new friend who gave me some mono and as I was tying on a gulp shrimp I heard my rod go “skert skert” rushed over and set the hook. Fought well at first but I powered him in and measured 75cm. Nothing else for the rest of the night. Decided to give the eel to my new friend as I have no idea how to eat it and he seems experience with eels also because of his friendly gesture.



(Could someone tell me what species this eel is?)




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3 hours ago, Little_Flatty said:

Would've been a pleasant night given the weather. Shame there weren't any other fish, but what a backdrop for a session!

Yeah the weather was amazing and so was the view, the spot is sort of a hit or miss place and will hopefully fire up in the summer 

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2 hours ago, Bluebenbomb said:

Many people regard eel as a trash fish, but they do fight pretty well on light tackle, and if cooked correctly, taste quite nice (but not for me, I don't like eating fish :))

I don’t like eating fish that much either haha, Yeah eels fight in spurts I guess, you pull them in and they run out a bit and you repeat until you tire it out.

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11 minutes ago, Ganguddy Goodoo said:

So good to see a young bloke out there enjoying himself. Mate you are inspiring time poor old farts like me to stop making excuses and get out and have a fish more often. Cheers for the post.

+1 on that @Ganguddy Goodoo! What is most pleasing is that @AlbertW has identified fishing opportunities in the midst of day to day life, rather than blocking out an entire day or entire night for an epic fishing session (which is great as well, but for most would happen less often). The opportunistic fishing sessions can make for very regular sessions and result in a lot more fish being caught than you otherwise would.

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