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Berowra nightfish 18 September 2022


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Weather is beautiful and I find myself with an hour or two to have a fish in the evening, so I drive down to Berowra Waters to have a flick.

Tide is running out, water is pretty dirty from the previous rain. I started off with a prawn vibe; after about 10 casts, I load up and end up dropping the fish. Likely a small flatty or soapie, annoyed that I've dropped it nonetheless, I remind myself to set the hook.

I switch over to a 2 inch minnow on a 1/8th (2.5 inch baitjunkie cut back). In the next hour or so I get onto 4 fish: 3 tiny soapies, and the highlight which was a (potentially legal) bream, which was great fun on the light gear. More importantly, my goal has been to get more bream so this session, while short, was an awesome one!

All C&R.

Thanks for reading!



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4 hours ago, Little_Flatty said:

Nice report @Chillifishi. Never used lures there before, should give it a shot next time I'm up that way.

Have you ever tried flicking lures along the road parallel to the marina? That looks like prime territory!

I have tried along the road there, and have hooked up to exactly 1 bream and 1 soapie across multiple attempts. I'm thinking I need to cast a bit closer to the structure, but my casting accuracy needs a bit of work! I've been told there are decent bream there, but yet to hook one up of a decent size.

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2 hours ago, Bluebenbomb said:

Great for a quick session! Just wondering, does the cutting of the 2.5 minnow allow for a sleeker/lighter profile, and does that smaller profile help when the fish are a little timid?

According to my youtube research that's the theory behind it - slightly smaller, more finesse presentation, without sacrificing any of the action on the tail. Though that bream might have taken the 2.5 inch version...we shall never know😄

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3 hours ago, HawkesburyParadise said:

Well done. Is it pitch black there or there is some light. I think you're on the boat ramp on the Berowra side. 

Right near the boat ramp where the steel fish table thing is. Plenty of light!

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