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Big Neil's pottery and thank you


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One of @big Neil's non-fishing (yeah I know - bite my tongue) passions is pottery. He gets great joy in trying different things and as a result often ends up with more than what he knows what to do with. He has come up with a wonderful solution to this issue. He gives it away to people who deserve a little more than just a genuine thank you. For example, the office assistant that makes him welcome at the local doctor. The server at the restaurant that takes the time to really look after the customers. In this day and age these random acts of kindness probably catch a few people off guard but the joy that it brings would be worth it.

Over the years I've been fortunate enough to get a few pieces of his beautiful works and this trip has added some to my collection.

This one was made specifically for me to hang on the wall (there is a wire hanger on the back.


This one with its several owls is meant to represent the sharing of knowledge.


With my passion for chasing squid as well as one of the tasks I've helped Neil tick off fishing bucket list this piece is especially appropriate for me.


This one is just a lovely piece and a functional way to keep my miscellaneous pens a place to call home.


Thanks Neil they are all appreciated. Hope the colours have come out well enough in these photos.

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Very nice Derek, they look beautiful.

With a sailing background bigNeil was kind enough to offer me this bowl he created in Raku style, that now sits proudly on my mantle piece beside my grandfather's antique clock.

A treasured item and generosity from a true gentleman. Thanks again Neil.


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