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Fishing at the entrance

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Hi raiders. Today I went fishing at the entrance. Reached there in the morning by 7am and left by 11am. It was a pretty good day. I used prawns, chicken breast and worms as bait. Started the day off by catching like 4 tiny tarwhine. Maybe they were like 20-23 cm so I technically could’ve taken them but who would want to eat such small fish anyway. Then I caught a tiny 15cm flattie somehow. It was pretty funny. Just as I was thinking I’m not gonna catch any big fish my rod suddenly started to pull. A 42 cm flattie. Not too bad at all. I continued fishing and caught a. Few more tiny bream and tarwhine. Then I suddenly hooked onto a 33cm whiting. My dad later hooked onto a 28cm whiting again. We continued fishing and catching more smalll fish until once again my dad and I both hooked onto 2 bream. A double hook up. One was 30cm and the other 27cm. We also got a mullet at around 32 cm on bread. Usually I wouldn’t take it home but it was hooked in the gill and Bleeding badly so I just took it. Later on in the day some random guy came along. He was fighting with someone on the phone.  That meant he was in a bad mood. He came along and decided to take the frustration out on me. He said my whiting were undersized and I told him 27cm is the legal size for sand whiting. He showed me how big he thought 27cm was and it looked more like 55cm to me. He needed to go to primary school again and learn his measurements🤣 He said he was going to call the department of fisheries and said he hoped that I would be fined $1000 and started swearing. I told him he can do whatever he wants and I don’t give a damn. I got out the measuring tape and showed the measurements to him upon which he just puffed his cigarette at me and stormed off while still cussing.  Overall a pretty good day, just wasn’t expecting the surprise visit from mr grumpy. Cheers

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Hi AF,

We get all sorts of gronks and dropkicks up here at The Entrance during the summer.

We also get lots of lovely people too.

You seem to have handled the fishing troll well so good for you.

This time of year, try throwing out some live poddies.


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Ye there are always a few gronks I guess. It was honestly pretty funny when I showed him the measurements and he was lost for words. I was expecting him to say something like my tape measurements were fake or something but I’m surprised he didn’t 🤣🤣. @Koalaboiye by far most of the people at the entrance are great. Talked to many people passing by and made a few fishing mates as well. I would have liked to use live poddies but I didn’t really check what the net regulations were as I’m not very experienced with nets hopefully next time I’ll go with a bit more prep. 

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