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Pittwater 4/3/23

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Arrived around 8 am, at Bayview, loaded up the kayaks and unfortunately found that the pedal drive didn't fit. I had a major failure in the frame of the pedal drive and got the a new frame put in, unfortunately due to a slight design change adding 2 stubs on the side, it wouldn't fit in. Luckily have a large tool box in the rig so managed some alterations. Got out on the water to target squid, the water was fairly clear, at 24.8 degrees. Unfortunately no squid, but lots of jellyfish bits. Kept heading around, found some nice marks on the sounder, dropped a chrome lure with no success. Went out to the main chanel, just sounding around when I saw a very large mark, it was fairly flat in the middle with a slight curve on the front and end, not like a normal curve and much larger. It was quite low to the bottom about 10 or 11m deep. If anyone's for any ideas, what that might be, would be interested to know. Then the weird things started happening, found a school of yakkas, chucked in burly, they all came up, dropped in a sabiki, not one touched it, they ate everything but the sabiki. Ended up with 1 yakka, which I unfortunately dropped and another that was taken by a king just a bit under the kayak. After that decided to trawl a pilli and some squid strips around, the flasher rig close to the bottom and squid strip mid water column. Found some marks here and there but they were very spread out. Then came the really interesting part, saw fish busting up, went over, saw a big school on the sounder with marks surrounding it. Trawled multiple times through but absolutely nothing. After a few mins everything went quiet. a couple of locals were out there to with no success, not even on the yakkas. Went back to the beach to pack up where I wasn't paying attention and stood on a oyster rock and cut my foot open. So yeah very disappointing day considering the conditions, but always good to get out. 

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I know a guy who works the shark nets He says lots of bull sharks and hammerheads around. The Tele today said chase bust ups with the smallest metal or plastic the conditions allow. Lots of Macs, Bonnies and frigate around.

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