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Broughton Island NSW - Where to Moor ?


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Finally I have a camping reservation I dont need to cancel due to foul weather - and I'm super excited. 

I found an old webpage that elludes to there being public moorings in North Beach and Coal Shaft Bay, although not mentioned anywhere else on the internet. 

Are there still public (pink?) moorings available at Broughton Island ? 

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3 hours ago, rickmarlin62 said:

One mooring on north beach side  camping is in esmerelda cove  so anchor in there with 2 anchors

Cheers Rick! 

Ive got 2 sand anchors and a reef one so ill probably put all three out for a good nights sleep

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Alright Im back from an amazing weekend. Highly recommend. 

I anchored the boat until dusk and then just took one of the private moorings - a few other boats did the same thing. Slept soundly and got in no ones way. 😴


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Well done. Its a fantastic place to visit.

A lot of history on Broughton with the shacks etc V National Sparks & Wildfires. There was a cow on the island for many years which washed up on the island after the big flood in the 50's.

If you're leaving the cove in a southerly stay away from the southern side as the waves stand up in close - I saw a bigger glass boat lose its rods out of the rocket launches when a couple stood up on their way out.

More importantly - did you catch any fish??!!

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Interesting about the cow i wonder what happened to the poor thing. The cabins there sound alot like the ones in Royal Nat Park. We went for a walk at nigh time and saw more petrel chicks than you could count (no fear of humans) and a lot of green and golden bell frogs. 

Fishing - Got a Sargent Baker on a soft plastic and a fiddler ray on pilchard. Nothing would touch a the live yakkas we drifted for a good hour or so. 

Also caught 5 Mado at once on a sabiki rig - not what i wanted but entertaining all the same. 

Thanks for the tips re dangerous spot.

I'll have to get back there soon, such a special place. 


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