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Botany Bay Wednesday 19 April


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Been a while but finally got out on the bay with my little man and a few mates!

Left at the ramp on a high tide at the gentleman’s hour of 10am, tide too high to pump nippers so picked up some bait at Mac’s before heading to my mark in the Bay.

On a side note, slim pickings at Mac’s with only frozen bait so grabbed a few salted pillies, prawns and they threw in some worms and half a dozen small nippers.

Started with the nippers with the young ones, a few small reddies on the drift with the tide starting to go out.

Finally got to rig up myself and drifted a chunk of pilchard with the immediate result of a plate sized flounder.

Wasn’t long till I landed a nice 42cm flathead and from then on it was my day for a change!!! Landed 4 good flathead (all on the pilchard) with the biggest a nice fat 54cm.

My son and mate also landed one each and after a few hours on the water - came home with a nice feed on ice!

Even a few engine issues (see my Boating post) couldn’t hide the smiles.

Left the fish on ice overnight - seemed to make the filleting and skinning a lot easier the next day.

Cooked up a feast for 9 people with a few oysters, prawns and beers thrown in - sensational!

This is what it is all about my friends…..

Tight lines!






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