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Rats in the Harbour

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Been out a few times early to get squid around Obelisk Beach then over to the Centurion wreck, anchored up and then hit the burley hard to get the yakkas up and try and stir up some decent Kingies. First time out mid-March and my 11 year old was keen to get something a bit bigger than the blackfish, drummer, bream and flathead that had been his staple up till then and was stoked to get half a dozen 50 - 60cm rat Kings on strips of fresh squid, the biggest just measuring 65cm for dinner. Went back a week later and repeated the dose till his arms were like noodles and he'd had enough. I had a live yakka out each time and a squid once but couldn't find anything bigger and of course the squid got murdered by a bonito after about 15 minutes (took 30 mins to catch the bugger!). Went back last week and the water had gone colder (note the beanie in action!) and the rats were few and far between, got some good squid but only two rats and no keepers. Moved up to middle harbour trying for some flathead but just a Banjo shark and a procession of little pinkies. Looks like the season is changing and its time to get the downrigger out!

20230305_Early April King.jpg

20230419_Late April King.jpg

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Great to share the experience of catching different species with your kids, to see them adapt and change tactics, all the time learning something necessary to land the species. These memories will always be there.

Cheers, bn

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