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Poor start on dollies, but a god finish on the Derrubbin


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Another cracker day with buddies @Hads and @HadsJr, but didn’t start that way. We left Parsley Bay ramp at sun-up with a plan to get a feed of great fighting dolphin fish (great eating too) before they vanish to warmer waters for the year. The prediction of 1.5-2m swell and 20km southerly was correct and it was too sloppy for my 5.1m Quintrex. We had filled up the “fish spa” with good sized Yakkas, had a brief and unsuccessful flick for squid and decided to focus on the inshore reefs behind Lion Island, which turned out to be a good move as we bagged some good sized tailor (biggest going 60cm) and Flatties as well as a nice gummy shark (and several baby Hammerheads). We were back at the ramp by 11am. We also lost numerous Yakkas bitten in half (Tailor) before swapping to ganged hooks.





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Great report and nice fish Bob! I was beginning to wonder if the Gummies I caught in that area a few years back were a fluke - I didn’t keep any buy they do fight good !

My mate fished up there on Tuesday and got some big tailor and heaps of sharks- no flathead though .

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2 hours ago, Larkin said:

Well done bob! Nice feed there.👍

never caught gummy myself - do you gut and need to remove the head on those?yep, head off, tail off, fins off, skin off (a little bit of effort), gut them, then into pieces 

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