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Swansea channel arvo sesh

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With 2 metres plus easterly swell my rock spots were wiped  so hit the channel for the run in tide  a fish first cast  boded well  then 3rd cast i hooked up  then had a huge run  took 40 mtrs of line  wondered if a giamt flatty had eaten my lud  but turned out to be a turtle 45  50 cm across  was hooked in mouth  so it ate the cabbage  after nearly ten mins i had it at my feet but bit me off before i could get fone from backpak    hooked and landed a double always fun netting them on different length traces   ended up with 9 fat  good size  luderick    lots of boneless pieces  for dinner this week



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Super haul of Luds there !

There is a spot near the airport where I used to get weed (I think every Luderick fisho in Swansea also gets it from there) do you know if the weed is still there or has all the fresh water over the last two years killed it off ?

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Nice bag of fish for the table.

Lucky to get the turtle to the shoreline. A big one I hooked took out all the 500 yards of handline (wound it onto the handcaster the day before) and did not stop, fortunately the line broke at the hook knot.

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