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Port Hacking River to FAD - Friday 28/04/23 (Big day)

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Hadn't had a chance to get out to the FADS off Sydney this season and decided Fridays RDO was my best chance to go.

Launched from Grays Point about 6am and headed out to the Port Hacking FAD with a tank full of livies. Conditions were a bit rougher than I expected and after a bumpy slower trip I arrived at the FAD about 7.30, water 24 degrees and only one other boat there. Got in position to drift, first cast and hook up almost straight to a just legal Dollie, bled & on ice and motor back up for next drift.

Get in position cast and straight away on to another fish, this one fought better and with the wind, waves and current it needed to be chased after a fun fight I netted a solid little 85cm Bull Dollie, bled and onto the ice with the first fish.

For the next couple of hours every drift was like this position the boat cast out, wait 5-10 seconds hook up, catch fish, release and move back up, this only worked with livies as any dead bait was ignored. All fish were 65-75cm, only kept 4 more fish that were hooked badly as not everyone in my family likes eating them.

With only one other boat i could even fish for them my favourite way of skipping a bait on the surface as i motored back up, holding the rod, watching the bait (dead baits, pilly pieces, fish strips), as the fish start crashing around free spool than strike, boat into neutral and your on. Great fun and very visual.

After a few hours i'd had enough, it was getting a bit rough, the other boat was gone and left the fish biting.

As not everyone in my family likes dollies i stopped for a flathead drift out off Jibbon. Tried a drift in 50m, 45m, 40m before finally finding good fish in 35m, kept 8 fish (most 42-47cm) before it was time to head back to the ramp.

Picked up my wife and little girl from the ramp at about lunch time and headed back out, cruised around the river for a bit before we anchored off deer park and my little girl had fun catch the small red bream till it was home time.

The plan was to take my two boys on a fishing trip over the weekend but with the poor weather forecast we decided it had to be a Friday arvo trip. Dropped my wife and little girl at the ramp in time for school pick up and she brought the boys back down with their rods just before 4.00 giving us nearly 2 hours to fish.

Headed back out and anchored in the deep water off Lilli Pilli, after about 15min the burley did it's job and the boys caught fish consistently until it was dark. A mixture of not quite legal red bream and Trevally around legal, great fun for them on their 2kg outfits. All fished released, except one badly hooked trevally, as we really didn't need anymore fish. I did have a live bait out but nothing was interested.

Pulled the boat about 6ish and got home about 12.5hrs after i left home in the morning.

Not really a fan of frozen dolphin fish so gave meals away to the neighbour, everyone in one of my boys soccer team, family and we ate some fresh. None wasted and if I want some more I'll just have to go back out again.

Thanks for reading


P.S I haven't posted in a while found motivation for fishing a bit lacking over the last few months, still getting out but not as much, but am trying to make an effort to get back into it, even took one of my fathers old outfits (a Shimano TLD 5) out to the FAD for a few fish.







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Great report and pics Ash. What a treat having the FAD almost to yourself and the dollies cooperating too!

Good to hear some of Bruce's gear is getting an outing. I still have my Dad's hand made stainless scaler, almost afraid to use in case Iose it ha.

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