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Rock Fishing Safety & Skills Day - SHELLHARBOUR and BONDI


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I wanted to let you know that the we have two upcoming Rock Fishing Safety & Skills Days at Shellharbour & Bondi.


These events include:

  • Rock Fishing Workshops
  • Key safety knowledge from experienced rock fishermen, lifeguards and lifesavers
  • Fitted lifejacket upon completed of all activities
  • Families are welcome with activities for the children


The Shellharbour event is scheduled for Saturday 13th May. You can find out more and register for this event here: https://bit.ly/GoneFishing-Shellharbour


The Bondi event is scheduled for Saturday 27thMay. Please note that this will be our FINAL rock fishing event. You can find out more and register here: https://bit.ly/GoneFishing-Bondi


If these locations are out of your area or you are unable to attend could you please forward this email on to any of your rock fishing friends or relatives who may wish to participate.


Please also note that our aim is to educate as many fishers as we can throughout NSW on rock fishing safety, as such we can only accept registrations from fishers who have not previously attended one of our events. However, you are more than welcome to learn more about rock fishing safety here: Rock Fishing Safety - Beach Safety Hub



Jenni Clarke


Schools & Rural-Remote Communities | Surf Life Saving NSW

3 Narabang Way | PO Box 307 | Belrose NSW 2085

M 0447 878 024

W surflifesaving.com.au | FB fb.me/surflifesavingnsw


“Every precious drop of change has a ripple effect in the Ocean”





We acknowledge the traditional custodians across all the lands on which we live, work and patrol, and we pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

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I haven't done a lot of rock fishing. What I have done I have really enjoyed. I have had success too...yet I have never been at ease doing it. I think this stems from the uncertainty of the conditions you CAN encounter.

I liken rock fishing to driving your car on the road. Everything goes along ok until something unexpected occurs. How you deal with these things, on the road, is to rely on the training you have had and the things you have learned through experience. Makes sense to me that people who intend to go rock fishing should, at least, have a basic understanding of the risk factors involved BEFORE they are faced with the unexpected. You only have one life, don't waste it.


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Sounds like a fantastic programme! I would like to see some of the rec fishing fee money thrown at a permanent programme like this but once that money goes into the government coffers it is lost forever .

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27 minutes ago, XD351 said:

Sounds like a fantastic programme! I would like to see some of the rec fishing fee money thrown at a permanent programme like this but once that money goes into the government coffers it is lost forever .

This is a great initiative that is run by Surf Life Saving Clubs NSW 

To be fair DPI Rec Fishing has always run great sessions. I booked them many times to bring the "bus" to our socials years ago. 

We had the boating educational officer who we have organised to do sessions on use of flares and all sorts of things.




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56 minutes ago, mrsswordfisherman said:

@Mike Sydney you signed up for one I think

Yes @DerekD and I attended one earlier this year. I believe Derek did a report on the day.

It was worthwhile for me, topics on reading swells for example. Most of the sessions though were around lifejacket selection and fitting. 

I missed the practical part of the session - going to the rocks and watching - which is probably the most valuable part! 

content was engaging, lunch was tasty dominos pizza. I missed the free lifejacket as I left early. 

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34 minutes ago, Rebel said:

Hey @wazatherfisherman The one at Bondi might be Ben Buckler.

We might learn something.


Hi Rebel - as you know Buckler can be pretty dangerous just like most rock spots. Definitely worth going to any of these safety days regardless of skills level. When in ANY doubt regarding the sea, the best idea is to have an alternative plan and use it- there's always next week.

Often, experienced fishers disregard the conditions because their 'experience should get them through', however the sea is forever changing and best advice I can give is the above- if there's any doubt of conditions, just go somewhere else that's safer, regardless of plans. "No fun when you have to run" is the creed

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Made the trip up from Canberra to attend this event. Over a 100 people turned up with representatives from 40 nationalities (super happy about that). The morning was spent rotating through 5 workshops.

1) General Rock Safety talk from a fisheries bloke (George)- basic safety gear and pre trip planning

2) Talk on weather, tides, swell and rock platform structure by long term rock fisho Spiro

3) Talk on boating, regulations and life jackets by a guy from Maritime

4) Beach Safety talk from Surf Life Saving Volunteers

5) Talk from Team Kingies guys who showed the gear they take and shared a few war stories.

Lunch provided

Afternoon session was watching surf life savers pick up a person in the water with RIB and jet ski. After this they gave out free life jackets. I think the increase in drownings over the last few years has more than a few people worried. Hopefully education events like this will help.

Overall I thought the initiative was worthwhile. Definitely aimed at people new to rock fishing and the environment. Personally I don't think I learnt huge amounts of new stuff but still benefitted from listening to knowledgeable people who are passionate about their subject matter. Sometimes you pick up nuances on meaning from face to face interaction you don't get from a book or youtube.  

If any of the attendees end up reading this I feel getting a practical apprenticeship from a long term fisho would be a sensible next step. That is understanding the stuff presented and the free life jacket probably isn't enough to get you to a level you would want to be at. If you end up down on the south coast and want to go for a fish feel free to message me (not super experienced but keen and cautious)

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