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Bate Bay


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Fishing mate called me and wanted to head out to Bate Bay, so I said yes, the fish I caught yesterday have been eaten, so need a few more.    :wife: What, more fish?  🤣

Motored out early arvo, and the Maritime boat was checking boaties again. We tried a drift in 170 to 180 feet of water. Pulled up the flatties, many spikies there as well, plus several tailor that were feeding at the bottom, some of them released. Noticed a trawler working a bit further out from us.

At sundown, we headed to a shallower reef and anchored. Burleyed up and pike came on the bite. All released, some larger ones up to 48cm.

When it was nearly dark, the yakkas came on the bite, so pulled up a few for strip bait, which produced the tailor, and some were released as we had enough for a feed. Also pulled up the bream, and I released a tarwhine about 26cm. Motored home in the darkness.

Most tailor were not much over legal, the biggest at 40cm. Biggest flattie at 42cm, and the bream was 36cm - a few feeds each.


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8 hours ago, Larkin said:

On a roll, two days in a row!

Bit windy this morning, but came good by the arvo.

Another good catch mate! 👍

Thank you.

The wind dropped off nicely, slow drift, the blue spots were scattered, and the spikies everywhere, sometimes 2 at a time.

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4 hours ago, Rebel said:

Can't help yourself.

@Fab1 will not be happy.

Nice haul.

Well done.

Thank you.

Well. I did not get out for a fish last week, so this makes up for it.

As for Fab, have not heard anything from him, he may still be sunbaking by the pool. :074:

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21 minutes ago, jenno64 said:

Great catch Dave!

plenty of fillets and nice conditions👌

Thanks Rob. The occasional bigger swells from the south, but not the constant chop and bounce.

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