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Rushcutter's and Elizabeth Bay Session- 25/5/23

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Went out to Rushcutter's and Elizabeth Bay today, as my exams have finished and we have a free marking day (pupil free day). 


Caught the flatties and whiting on a ZMan 2.5'' grub (first whiting on lure). Bream was caught on chicken thigh.

Flatties went 38, 42, 43. Whiting was 30 and bream was 32ish. 

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the session & now more confident in my lure skills.


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6 hours ago, Isaac Ct said:

Great stuff, lovely feed.

Well done, know that feeling when the exams finish.

Thanks @Isaac Ct. Exams are hard but the feeling after you finish them is worth it

3 hours ago, kantong said:

those 2.5' grubs are good. well done, great catches!

Thanks @kantong. The 2.5'' grubs are quite versatile.

2 hours ago, Little_Flatty said:

That’s a great feed out of rushcutters Ben, I haven’t been there for months. Some great size eating fish there and a good whiting for your first on lures.

Thanks @Little_Flatty, Rushcutter's is quite productive on a rising tide (1-2 hrs before high tide).

47 minutes ago, Larkin said:

Nice mixed bag BlueBen! 👍

Doing well on the lures 

Thanks @Larkin, pretty satisfied with the session today.

28 minutes ago, Yowie said:

A nice mixed bag of the 3 staple fish that many want to take home.

Thanks @Yowie. Haven't really ate whiting at all, but tried it today and it was quite nice.

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