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Hawkesbury seemed a bit quiet 3/6/23


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G’day Raiders,

I went out today to broken bay but only got a couple of fish ,water was mostly high 15 to mid 16 deg .

I got one flattie just west of flint and steel and drifted all over broken bay for pretty much zip .

Ran a few drifts around Juno and Cowan mouth for one tiny Mulloway- never seen it this quiet.

I headed up river to between the bridges , one flattie and one 67cm Mulloway(released ) 

sundries were a reasonable tailor a small flattie  and a occy ( all released).

The fish were caught on a hyper kraken jig ( flattie near flint and steel) and the rest on half pillie. I had my usual Hawkesbury prawns but for some reason they didn’t  want to know about them .


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Water temp is low, so probably why the fishing has gone a bit quiet.

I am guessing that the outside temp is just under 20 degrees, as the beach water is cooling off.

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1 hour ago, jenno64 said:

That’s a healthy looking Jew, shame it was just under!

Yes very healthy and it fought great on light gear ! I was getting a lot of head shakes and was hoping for a big flathead- not complaining though ! I would have still released it if it was over legal size anyway. Starting to get an itch to catch a decent Mulloway on lure on light gear !

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