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First session n Estury Perch - a cracker day

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Had a call from my buddy Craig about a session on E.P.s (never need an excuse to get out fishing). Purely catch and release and lures only (season closed until Aug 31 anyway).

It was a cracker of a day a foggy start, no wind, clear skies and a high pressure of 1036hp (never known it higher). Although we didn’t land many fish it was spectacular day. The biggest fish was 42cm which I caught on a small gold coloured blade on a 2-4kg shimano sienna $99 rod / reel combo.



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Thought I’d post the regulations re Bass and Estuary Perch as a few private msg suggested I was in contravention of “rules”. This is not the case. As it is is I only ever catch and release Bass and EP’s.



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Nice fish! These things are on my list of species to catch. Handy to fish with someone “in the know” and be able to target them. They are so often just random bream and Jew bi-catch.

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