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Hastings today.

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Havent been out for a while.  Gentlemans hours today 9:00 am start. 8:00 am high with not much run.  It showed too. Lots of small flathead around. Only one keeper at 57, and a very nice bream. Flathead on 3 lb line. Yes Im crazy but it works for me strangly enough!  


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Couple of nice fish there, worth the gentleman hours.

Have not seen that plastic before (then again, I mostly use bait). Might have to buy one to try at some time.

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Hoods,   Bream came from a 3 meter hole with fallen trees along the bank.  Flathead came off a sand flat in may be a foot of water along the edge.

The bream was taken on a 2 to 6 kg Daiwa wicked weasel. 12 lb leader was shreded when it dived into structure on the bottom. A great fight, earned its release  !  

Small flathead were everywhere. 

Happy Days !

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