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Ty’s first Jewfish


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After a week of rain and postponed promises (to help Ty get his first Jewfish ), we finally got out, heading for  Webs creek at 5am. Ty’s fishing had been limited to catching carp in “the lagoon” and was very eager to catch a jewfish. Goal achieved, we caught 13 between us, (all soapies & none legal) a bag of Flatties, some chopper tailor and a large stingray that was going to be Ty’s “Jewie of a lifetime”, until we saw what it was and cut it off - it was a heck of a fight for the young bloke on 12 lb line.




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Good work there Bob on helping the young bloke pull up some jewies.

We have all had the big one on, only to see a mongrel ray on the hook, however, I have had a couple of jewies fight differently to normal so no cutting them off until you can sight it.

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12 hours ago, big Neil said:

Good to see that you finally got out Bob. Been some fairly horrid wet weather recently but Cod season opens today and I'm all revved up to explore the river.

Tight lines, bn

Looking forward to seeing pics of you with some nice cod Neil.

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