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Bass by-catch


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Best way to spend a couple of days off, head out to the Mann river with one of my daughters for a quick overnight trip. 

We weren't there long before we knew the fishing woukd be a challenge, it was hot!!!  And the water was also hot, I reckon over 30 degrees a swim wasn't refreshing so we waited out the worst of the heat and headed off for an arvo kayak.


The river looks stunning as always, a little low but still running well. To say the fishing was slow is an understatement. Kept searching for deep water where hopefully the bass wouod be holding, atleast when the fishings tough the river provides quality scenery


Kept casting and casting using a 1/4oz spinnerbait working it as deep as possible 


Coincidentally took this photo, where some boulders come out of deep water screaming fish, rolling the spinnerbait along it finally get hit, the fish takes off my first thought was an eel took some hard runs, finally got a glimpse of a big eastern cod, put up a solid fight when he went in the net I knew I'd smashed my pb


He went 75cm, 


Tried to release in the shallows but he seemed unhappy so I waded out chest deep into cooler water and watched him swim off strong, magnificent sight

The rest of the arvo was uneventful but the weather was pristine 


Overnight we got hammered by an unexpected storm, getting up early with everything drenched jumped back in the yak, switched from the spinnerbait to a 1/4 oz chatterbait for something different


The morning was looking good and the water temp had definitely dropped

It didn't take long to get hit 


A nice little cod to get the morning started

The fishing again was slow but did manage to score a final beautifully marked cod to finish the session 


The fishing had been tough but you can't be disappointed in a place that looks like a painting 


Abbi finished of our trip with a mullet on a worm while we were packing up


Just for FYI we were targeting bass unfortunately the bass just didn't want to play, although they're said to be endangered eastern cod are prolific through the Mann river and I'm definitely never disappointed to catch one as by catch

Cheers for reading 



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What a cracking report Dave and Abbi. Those Eastern Cod look to be in great condition and are a very pleasant by-catch in the Mann River. Some huge Eels in there that take a lot of stopping. The scenery is amazing too. Top pics Dave.

Tight lines. bn

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Thanks for the report Dave - an interesting and comprehensive report (as always). I’ve never caught an Eastern Cod (not sure I ever will), but that one looks fat and healthy. Good to see Abbi in on the action.

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