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Bate bay 16/12


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Afternoon fishos.

Ventured out to Bate bay this morning. 
Conditions were meant to be 1m sea 1m swell with 6 Knott northerly winds, I’d say it was 1m sea and the odd 2m swell pushing through. And some 15/20knotts at times.

anywho pushed out to the 60m mark and move back in intervals. 55m 50m 45m 40m 35m , lots of small flathead around but managed 8 sea flathead. 

Wind started to pick up as usual and I was chucking my guts up called it a day, did head to spot x for crabbies but the JetSkis was beyond stupid.


back home, cleaned the fish and had a scrub 1pm


finally a feed!


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On 12/16/2023 at 7:11 PM, Yowie said:

Quite a bit of effort, however, enough for a feed or 2. The blue spots have been scarce for a while. Hopefully they are not being overfished.

No overfishing from me. I take what i need, Weather is suppose to turn to crap for the next 1.5 weeks.

Dad took home 6 i took 2.

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