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Sydney Harbour wide - Kingies and Trag.


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Headed out early today as prediction was for strong winds by 11am -  so glad we did as boat ramp at Roseville had boats lined up and waiting to launch at 5 am. 
we loaded up with Yakkas and head wide, having baits in the water by 6.30am. The Kingies turned up and the fun started. We lost a solid Kingie at the boat first up due over exuberance and inexperience, but with some coaching (and deep breathing exercises) we had 27 in the boat before we realised there were not going to be any over the 60-63cm we were getting so we headed off to an unnamed reef I stumbled across a few years ago, that had produced some nice snapper in the past. It was a good move as we hit paydirt on Terraglin and boated 8 (all over 50cm and biggest going 68) before 10am. We decided to call it quits and head back before the wind hit and get the boat on the trailer and washed down before the holiday hoards headed in.

80 Kingies this week 😃🙏

Over all a great day.




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13 hours ago, blaxland said:

Good work I will google unnamed reef lol. The ramp was ridiculous took my one and only for a harbour cruise. Did you use live bait at the reef or fillets?


Thanks Bill. Just about every reef off the heads is producing at the moment. I tried 3 spots yesterday and Trag on every one. Used Yakka strips and livies as well as squid - every thing seems to work.

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