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Dumb idiot goes rock fishing

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So today I was taking weekend away with church people. I snuck first to avoca to go shore jig for first time rock fishing since we were staying there anyway.

Also I did say I could probably get a fish for dinner either from Lake or beach or rocks.

Events conspired against me with dodgy swell and council banning fishing in Lake due to pollution. 

Initially got there at high tide and things were looking dicey but fished a bit and lost jig and got wet on 60g pe 3 set up.

Decide to bail and fish beach for 2 hours to wait tide to off set swell

Took beach rod on pe 1.5 to spin 40g jig but easterly swell knocks jig right back when fishing off beach

Decided to head back to rocks at 5pm. Within 20 minutes spinning slow jig I got smashed on beached rod.

I thought bonito would be a cake walk like me catching them in harbour but slightly stronger but a 52cm bonito is a order of magnitude stronger then  the 30cm I normally get and I was legit squeezing my gut in yanking it up. Gut painful as muscle releases tension 


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43 minutes ago, HawkesburyParadise said:

I missed the idiotic part mate. Well done!

That was me taking 20 lb off rocks. Made fight wayyyy to sweaty but they didn't want 60g jig. 40lb leader is toasted

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18 minutes ago, Little_Flatty said:

Nice fish @faker. The tussle is what makes it special.

Please be careful on the rocks, apart from having the necessary safety gear, if it looks dicey, you probably should go fishing somewhere else, until conditions change.

It was fine the first hour but second hour I just bailed as it was reaching peak on eastward swell. Low tide was safe

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