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Kingie Bycatch


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After 6 years of chasing the Mighty Mulloway, it unexpectedly happend.

As usual the plan was to get some squid and head off to chase some kingies.

Squid was no problem, after an hour or so, we had half a dozen in the live well...off to the markers.

Conditions were great, very little wind, tide change at 9am.

Got there around 8:30, and dropped a livie down & waited, and waited....livies getting destroyed by pickers...moved on.

Next marker...only strip bait available at this stage, drop it down, a couple of drifts later considering moving on when I see a rat come up to inspect the marker, then turns around and dives when the boat gets close..."should be any moment now" I say to myself, when suddenly I come up tight!!

At first no initial ran, as the drag is at max, I figure its the little rat kingy, when gradually the run starts to increase & line is peeling off at a surprising & worrying speed .

Boat is starting to get pulled along, I step on the electric motor in a vain attempt to get line back.

This is strange, normally the king will undoubtly head for the marker, this guy was heading into the middle of the bay.

Weapon: Starlo stix , Tournament pro- 8kg rod, 20lb braid, 30lb trace, is bent over but doing a good job of controlling this thing.

At this stage still calling it for a "stupid" king when the most beautiful fish reveals itself...

Now Im nervous to say the least, start praying to God that nothing snaps, breaks , comes loose, gets tangled or any of the hundred things that could go wrong.

Starting to get tired now( me and the fish) and is getting close to the boat, net aint going to do jack!! need to jaff...Tony,(thank you mate:Tumb up: ) cool & calm as always gets it into position under the gills & heaves it on the deck:goodone:

At the moment ALL of Botany bay would have heard the the screaming, back slapping, hollering and excitment that can only be produced when you have caught the fish of a life time.

In my mind the fight only lasted 5min, but Tony reckons closer to 12min..ill take his word for it, either way those minutes are now embedded in my soul.

Take it to the bait shop for certified weigh in 20kg on the dot!!! 132cm long. Destroyes my previous PB.

Even now 3 days after the event Im still shaking my head in wonder.

The Best Australia day EVER:appl:



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Guest fishrunner

6 years,,, Bet it feels like nothin now and all well worth it :thumbup: ,

Great Jew and well done, May your next one come in sooner,

cheers :beersmile::beersmile::biggrin2:

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Steve, you are simply on fire!

That's the best Botany Bay capture i've heard of in a long while and it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Talk about doing it the hard way, in broad daylight and relatively light tackle. Outstanding :yahoo:



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Funny about all the negative thoughts going through your mind, when you know you are onto a monster, I think people do that to prepare themselves for the worst, and there is immense relief and pleasure when the beast is landed.

Superb !!! Great fish and nice report. A big congrats.

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That is one massive Jewie!! :thumbup::thumbup:

I bet it is etched into your soul alright. One to tell the Grandkids about for sure.

Congratulations on a great catch..and on Australia Day too...Even better.

Hope it's one of many in the future.



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