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Fishing Sydney Harbour


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Hi Guys,

Had the opportunity to boat fish this beautiful harbour of ours over the past two months, being a shore fisherman for may years priors. My goals was quite simple, I wanted to catch myself a nice kingfish, having only caught one undersized 59cm version prior.

Well I can positively say "I have been amazed", spending quality time with with my little brother and a mate, seeing schools of king fish charging our bait, others skimming along the surface to have a look at my sluggo before retreating back, and others busting the S$#% out of our gear. We have also caught, and nothing and I mean nothing beats the heart pounding, hand shaking experience of catching a nice fish. :yahoo:

In that time, I have been lucky enough to catch numerous kingfish, my fish jewfish (83cm, 8+kg), first squid only two weeks ago, and most enjoyable bonito on bream gear. It has been a blast, can't wait for this weekend.

Hope to catch you out there soon, and looking forward to reading those amazing posts



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:1welcomeani: and GREAT work there buddy good first post

some beaut pics and some nice fish,

and even better quality time with ur bro on the harbour,

what more could u ask for,

well done and look 4ward to reading future successes

cheers steve :1fishing1:

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Guest IFishSick.

:1welcomeani: To the site!

Sounds like you made a very wise investment on the boat mate.

Great bag of fish you've got there.

Keep up the good work!

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Excellent work there Cassey. The boat was a good investment by the looks of those pics

and isn't the harbour an amazing place.

Going out there tomorrow and we hope to emulate your success with a few kings of our own.

:1welcomeani: to the site and thanks for an excellent first report.



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:1welcomeani: To fishraiders

Cassy sounds like a great time getting into some great fish.

i know how you feel with getting a few of late it is a time to remember.

Your brother is a good man :thumbup:

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Thanks for the great welcome and responses :biggrin2: . Just finised preparing the gear for tomorrow venture into the harbour, nothing worse then trying to do a rig when the actions on.

Hope to see you all out there with something big on the other end, and if that don't happen, then it sure beats working :1yikes:

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