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Land Base Game..2 Big Kings 12kg & 14kg

Flat rock

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hey mate we use over head so there fore we throw the baits by hand???we use a balloon about the size of a mini soccer ball...

we got them on 24kg outfits ....you really need the gear to stop these hoods

Thanks. I was wondering how you get your baits away from the rocks. A 1.5 kg squid is big bait. That's like trying to throw 3 stubbies.

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Good effort nathan,

Im off to darwin for 10 days starting tomorro so I hope to equal this catch. Ill be back to hit the squid ground when Im back and hopefully getting some kings before winter sets in the Harbour.

Great catch for you and your mates, keep up the hard work !!!


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Woah, bloody awsome fish flat rock :1yikes:

Well done :yahoo:

Great fish fellas. :1fishing1:

When I was a lot younger I used to fish Devils Gorge, Mosquito, Beefcroft and Pretty Beach. We caught kings, macks and some big bluefin and your great report had me a lttle nostalgic to remember those beaut days scurrying around the stones. A great effort lads keep 'em coming


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