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Caught A Big One!


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Caught a big one on Thursday - got up at about 4am thinking "this is my lucky day"....

After a big hit at about 10:00am, we were on!

Definitely had it hooked good! There were some fantastic runs - and it fought hard right until the end. In fact, the longer we had it on, the harder it fought!

My wife (Linda) did all the hard work - I just gave encouraging words - and the odd bit of advice...she is a true champ and did fantastically well!

Landed it at about 2pm....

3.9kg, 53cm.

What a fight! What a catch!

Announcing Calvin Michael Doyle - born Thursday at 1:55pm - Mum and Baby doing well - Dad is chuffed - and looking forward to first father and Son fishing Trip!

Cyas all.


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Hey Guys

thanks for the congrats :-)

In answer to questions - you don't want to know what bait we used - but it took 9 months preparing.

Didn't use a gaff or net - and as it was a water birth (what better way to introduce him to fishing?), he was gently lifted out of the water.

We have decided he's a "keeper".

have fun all


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yep - was the wedding tackle :-)

Attached is a photo :-) Certainly a personal best - unfortunately I haven't wacked him up on the boast mat yet - I'll see if I can sneak it past the wife :-)



PS I wonder if catching a marlin is like this - it's awesome! Can't stop smiling.

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what a great thing it is. And some of you guys with your replies!! C'mon, brag mats, did ya use a gaff, wedding tackle :wacko: the :wife: will see this. :1yikes:

And that is a great pic. Well done to you all. Congrats. I get really chuffed about anyone becoming a father. I always say to blokes about being at the birth, nothing anyone can say to you can prepare you for what you are about to experience.

You need your profile updated to "Addicted Member"

:1welcomeani: Little raider of the future.


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