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Avoca Salmonathon

Ray R

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Hi Raiders, I teed up an arvo fish with Pete (mercer007) thought we would go chase a few leaping salmon.

We found some of the acrobats willing to take our offerings of fish baits and pillies, they were not thick but

there was enough to keep us on the ball.

Pete scored 4 nice ones and I managed 3 with a few self releasing ones right at the edge.

I felt like having a bit of fun with them so I took my little bream/whiting rod, a Wilson 9' 3-5kg coupled

with a Daiwa Advantage 4000, set the drag to fun and had a ball, I know they are only salmon but

these fellas realy put up one helluva stoush.

Anyway thats it for now, we had a great time on a magic arvo at Avoca, calm seas no wind and a

few fish to play around with, the salmon were returned and they all sped off back into the surf..

A couple of 60 something salmon



One of Pete's captives


Pete cranking one to the shore


Eye of the tiger


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bet those surfies are spewing the didnt have a rod. nice fish mate they are great sportfish

no we were spewing that they were casting into the rip that we paddle out thru ,but that happens ,just remember to use a good shock leader so you dont crack off any leads, as this could be dangerous .

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Was a beautiful arvo to be out and about.

I actually hooked a surfer chick who thought something was up but couldn't quite work out what was happening.

She just kept paddeling down the beach as I'm walking after her reeling in the slack line.

It was only after she got out of the water and I tried to set the hook in her did she reailse that I had her leg strap.

All in all a beaut arvo with Ray and as usuall Ray took some lovely snaps of the venture.



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Well done Ray and Peter. Seven between you is a great effort and heaps of fun.

Another top session! :thumbup:


However, I've just noticed that the salmon you caught is one of those "rare" ones,

"Arripis trutta verious sandy" :074:

....Looks like they come pre-crumbed.......

Excellent observation Roberta! :074:

Cheers and well done


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