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Keith Gets Excellent Report Card From Oncologist


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Hi all

We are not long back from Port Macquarie - and terrific news!! Keith's CT Scan from last week shows nothing to be worried about & the Oncologist basically said ...... Now go home & get on with life!! :yahoo: I don't want to see you again unless you feel the need!!

So that is the best news we've heard all year!! We can go to Perth on Sunday with a smile on our faces & enjoy the 2 week break without worrying about what 'might have been' if we'd had the appointment after the break!! Our trip to Perth was originally for Keith to compete in the Busselton Ironman on Dec 5th ..... but this was cancelled not long after Keith was diagnosed, but as the flights were using VIsa Points, we hung onto the flights as a 'reward' for getting thru the tough bits!

Apparently there is a lovely beach & estuary for us to explore, so I WILL pack a travel rod & some lures! :1prop: Some yakking buddies have said they will come down from Perth next weekend with a yak for both Keith & I to borrow - so look forward to meeting up with them! It will be quite warm over there already, methinks!!

Many thanks for your support & concern over the last 6-7 months, we've really appreciated it - it was a rocky road there for a while, but we can now rest easy in the knowledge that everything should be OK from now on. This news has to be the best Xmas Present for us for this year, methinks!

Cheerio for now & thanks again

Roberta & Keith

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Congrats on the great news Roberta...

Looks like santa came a bit early for ya...

Stoked to hear you reach the light at the end of what woulda been a dark tunnel at times...

Just shows how determination and his fitnes prevailed..

Have a nice holiday over there...

Cheers.. Steve, jaime and the boys....

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Thanks guys - and it is also Keith's birthday tomorrow, too!!! So double celebrations! :biggrin2: We'll celebrate by having our house checked for termites!! :wacko: Gotta be done!!

Cheerio & thanks again


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