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Saturday, started slow but ended ok


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first post and first report...sorry about the lateness but it took a while for me to post up but now everything is all good

Had a arvo shot on sat with with a couple of mates on one of there boats.... rat kings on the bait ground in the harbour annoying the yakka's, finally got enough bait and headed out to a 40mtr ground, a bit of swell, but nice and smooth, wind variable, so we had a bit of a problem staying on the mark, we went to re-position and lost a pick...:ranting2:, very quiet with virtually no current wasn't the best omen. Rats or should I say mouse kings grabbing livey's and strips and running round all the other lines provide a bit of entertainment for a while. Other boats left and we had it to ourselves, still wasn't looking too promising, the current started to pick up a little on dark, so we hit the berley hard and I scored a amberjack!! on a fresh squid head.... and a few reds started to turn up mostly around 1kg, then my friend pulled one around 2 and a bit kg and came in at 59cm, his first decent red!, just as we were about to leave large choppers and trag appeared, i managed to pick up a nice trag around 3.5kg and was 73cm! on the lie detector we had to pull the pin then as the boat ramp we launched fromm has the gates close at 9pm so had to leave the trags there for another night as there were alot more... there not the easiest fish to try hook up lol but were prob gonna have another crack at them this sat when we head back out there... will put up a report on how we go



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