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Mixed bag on Thursday


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On Thursday I went off shore with my fishing buddy in his 4.4 Haines Hunter and 60hp Honda Four Stroke (50hrs). The conditions were excellent with 1 meter waves, 0.5 swell, sunshine and a warm breeze of 10 -15 knots. We loaded up with 20 yakkas and headed out to the Syd FAD then set a spread and kept going past the wave rider and towards the North Sydney FAD in 100 meter water.

Lots of small Mahi Mahi everywhere, so we put out the bigger skirts and deep divers. The temperature changed from 22.8 to 23.2 as we headed north and my fishing mate landed a 75cm Mahi while I lost a 80cm one at the boat. In the end we decided to keep a couple of 60cm fish to eat whole after throwing most of them back....

We had never done it before and soon realised how long it takes to travel 20 nautical miles.... With a faulty fuel gauge (loose connection) and after three hours trowelling we decided it was best to go inshore after traveling 3/4 of the distance. Even though we had a 15ltr reserve in a jerry can.

We went past Longie on the way back and set up a couple of poor man down riggers and drove into the north west wind then drifted back over the wall to land a 75cm kingie before heading home.

When we got back we still had a quarter tank of fuel left. All in all a great day but next time the weather allows we will go to the North Sydney FAD via Broken Water.




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