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Cooks River Fires Up !


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Got a leave pass as no work today so called up good mate Stephen(reggie rabbit) for a fish down at the good ole Cooks River.

Stephen and I have fished many times together but of late it has been a task just getting together for a fish.

Arrived early before sun up and straight to the first jewie spot and within minutes I was on then off again and when I inspected my jerk shad it had the tell tale signs of MR PEG TEETH the mulloway.A few more casts and bingo I get a smallish fella but a jewie is a jewie to me and it doesn't matter what size they all look amazing and I just poled the poor bugger on my 10lb stik :074: .



Next spot and a few more hits and then Stevey gets smashed while I was watching WOHOOOOOOO and Stephen brings his new PB Jewie to the net after a few nice little runs..congrats mate and they will come thick and fast for you now.




We tried a few other spots but no one was home so off after the breambos and there are some really nice fish taking the plastics near the shore and structure.






Whilst breaming Stephen gets onto a good fish and I call it for a small jewie but after a great fight on the light rod a feisty Silver Trevally comes to visit us on board.


Thanks for a top day out Steve and your coffee is now legendary aboard the Fishraider Boat.

Great new PB as well mate and very well deserved.

Jewie plastics were the 5in jerk shad is pearl and 3/16th bullet head jig head and both on 10lb rods and 2500 reels slow hopped near deep structure.

Regards Swordy

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Awesome work guys! That's a cracker morning! You've also inspired me to keep at it for cooks river jews...no luck the last few outings but you've given me fuel! Keep em coming



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Great to be aboard the Polycraft again and its wonderful to see the motor running well again and not have that alarm going off. had a great day got a few fish blooded 2 new rods and reels. .What wonderful weather only 2 weeks away from the start of winter if this is global warming bring it on. :sun: Hope to get out again soon, Cheers Stephen (Reggie the Rabbit)

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Guest Aussie007

nice catch, i wonder why nobody else is fishing off the shore if there are fish like that :greatpics:

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